Anglian Water has migrated a significant portion of its workloads to Microsoft Azure.

The UK utility company teamed up with Capgemini to find a way to improve the efficiency of its data center footprint, and reduce costs and architectural complexity.

Capgemini's Swindon data center – Capgemini

Capgemini helped Anglian Water migrate some of its workloads to Microsoft Azure, resulting in a 50 percent reduction in assets hosted in the utility provider's data center.

It now only hosts those applications that could not be effectively managed on the cloud. The team handling the migration thoroughly reviewed and identified each application to decide whether it should be rehosted, refactored, retired, or retained, via Capgemini's Clear Sight IT Decision Maker.

Half of Anglian Water's applications were either migrated or retired, significantly reducing the company's data center costs.

“Through our strategic collaboration and their proven ways of working, Capgemini was able to successfully support Anglian Water in streamlining our digital operations. Having halved our space in their data centers – significantly reducing costs and decreasing our carbon footprint – we are now well placed to realize our digital aspirations and strategic goals,” said Dave Martin, director of digital, data, and technology at Anglian Water.

Capgemini was awarded a five-year IT contract by Anglian Water in 2010 that saw Anglian Water hosting its IT infrastructure in Capgemini's data centers in Swindon and Bristol.

In 2016, Anglian Water set up an IT alliance with Atos, Capgemini, and Cognizant, valued at the time at £100m ($123m) and expected to span eight years. The goal of this was to not simply outsource all of Anglian Water's IT needs, but to "build up a reservoir of knowledge and skills between the suppliers."

In the 2023 report from Capgemini about Anglian Water's upcoming IT strategy, the two companies lay out a timeline for Anglian Water's adoption of Internet of Things enabled assets and infrastructure, digital twin technology, AI and machine learning, advanced sensing, and sensor platforms among other technologies.