The city of Chandler, Arizona confirmed on January 11 that it would be adopting the zoning code amendment which will define the location and operation of data centers.

The ordinance was unanimously approved on Dec. 5, 2022, and took effect on Jan. 5.

According to a post on the Chandler Arizona government website, the approved amendment will mean that facilities with primary use as a data center will only be permitted in planning area development (PAD) zones, requires ‘detailed communications protocol to notify impacted residents about pre- and post-construction’ as well as a ‘pre-construction sound study to establish noise baseline with results provided to residents prior to a scheduled neighborhood meeting’.

The ordinance also requires data centers to keep the noise levels below the baseline established in the first study, to conduct annual research into the noise produced for the next five years, and lays out a backup generator routine maintenance and testing protocol.

The issue of noise production has been a reoccurring issue in Chandler. In 2018, CyrusOne was required to install noise-reducing equipment after locals compared the humming sound to mosquitos buzzing, some stating that the windows would rattle at night and others even threatening to move away from the area as a result.

It was in 2021, that Chandler first announced that it was planning to place restrictions on further data center development in the city, a proposal that has now been passed.

The new ordinance will not impact current data centers in the area. CyrusOne, Digital Realty, H5 Data Centers, and INAP are among those companies which have data centers in the City of Chandler.

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