Polish data center firm Atman has begun construction on a new facility outside the capital Warsaw.

The company this week announced work had begun on Warsaw‑3 (WAW‑3) in Duchnice. The first of the three buildings on the campus is scheduled to be ready in Q4 2024.

waw-3-groundbreaking atman
– Atman

First announced in December 2022, at full build-out the 5.5 acre site will house three buildings with a total colocation area of nearly 19,000 sqm (204,515 sq ft) across 36 data halls and offer 43MW of capacity.

Goldman Sachs/Global Compute-owned Atman said this was the company’s largest project to date. Timelines for commissioning additional data centers and buildings will depend on customer demand.

Located near Ożarów Mazowiecki, to the west of Warsaw, WAW‑3 will be able to accommodate more than 50,000 servers, and the total investment is expected to reach PLN 1.5 billion ($354.7m).

“Looking at the growth dynamics in similar markets, such as Madrid, and as PMR analysts’ forecasts show, the Polish data center market is facing very dynamic growth, multiplying the access power for customers,” said Sławomir Koszołko, president of the management board of Atman. “The intensive development of new technologies, including the demand for computing power used by AI systems, gives an idea of the huge amount of data to be stored and the potential for growth of the domestic data center market. In line with its long-term strategy, Atman aims to support this development while fulfilling its mission of providing uninterrupted access to data.”

Atman (formerly ATM) was acquired by Goldman Sach’s affiliated Global Compute and Taviomer Investments from MCI.EuroVentures in 2020. The company currently operates three sites across Poland, two in Warsaw, and one in Katowice.

Last year the company announced plans to expand its Warsaw-1 campus with a new 7.2MW, 2,916 sqm (31,390 sq ft) building. The building, known as F7, is due to be commissioned in February 2024.