Atos has been selected by telecoms company Lumen for a mainframe modernization project in the US.

The modernization effort is part of a multi-year contract and will provide a "cloud-like" scalability to Lumen's mainframe environments.

– Lumen Technologies

Through a phased process, Lumen's mainframe workloads, which are currently hosted in three of its data centers, will be migrated into a single US Atos hub to ensure that there is no downtime.

Lumen will be charged on a consumption basis for the mainframe-as-a-service solution where Atos will provide computing power and service management, as well as 24/7 hardware, software, and technical support.

"Our mainframe is a central computing backbone and is pivotal to our business operations. It demands the highest level of stability and security to power our operations," said Chad Naeger, CIO, Lumen. We have entrusted Atos to modernize our Mainframe environment, confident in their expertise, experience, and ability to propel our transformation goals."

Atos has more than 45 years of experience in mainframes and has been a Global IBM Platinum and Global Strategic Business Partner for more than 20 years.

Lumen provides connectivity (both metro connectivity and long-haul data transport) to customers with its Edge cloud, security, and managed services offerings.

The company's EMEA business was acquired by Colt Technology Services in November 2023 for $1.8bn, a month after deciding to wind down its Content Delivery Network business and sell customer contracts to Akamai. Its Latin American operations were sold to Stonepeak and rebranded to Cirion Technologies in 2022.

In August 2023, Atos separated its business into two companies: Eviden, which handles digital, security, and big data, and Tech Foundations Co (TFCo) which handles data center, hosting, digital workplace, and business process outsourcing.

At the same time, Atos announced plans to sell TFCo to EPEI, however, November saw Atos and EPEI in talks to amend the terms of the sale and no further updates have been provided.

In October, the company signed to provide IT services for the Special Olympics until 2027.