Amazon Web Services (AWS) operated a total of 38.2 million square feet (3,549,000 sqm) of data center and office space in 2023.

The company owned some 17.77 million sq ft (1,651,000 sqm) and leased another 20.434m sq ft (1,898,500 sqm), it revealed in its 10-K filing.

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– Sebastian Moss

The combined figure represents a 14 percent increase over 2022. That year (33.48m sq ft) was itself a 28 percent increase over 2021 (26.1m sq ft).

As for 2021, it was the largest percentage yearly increase in footprint since the company began reporting, with a 44 percent increase over 2020's 18.1m sq ft.

The filing does not disclose how much of that is actually data center white space, rather than all the other additional parts of data center, sales, and other property. However, it does not include corporate facilities or headquarters.

It also does not take into account changes in data center density - AWS could theoretically operate a significantly larger IT load without changing the footprint it owns or leases (although that would require similarly significant upgrades to the data centers).

The company currently operates 105 Availability Zones across 33 regions, with more on the way. It does not disclose the location of its data centers, nor which wholesale data center companies it partners with.

In 2018, WikiLeaks revealed the locations of Amazon's data center footprint from 2015.

Reporting by Bloomberg confirmed that the company has committed to spend at least $148 billion over the next decade on data center infrastructure, expanding existing sites and building new campuses across the world.

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