Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to launch a cloud region in Mexico in early 2025.

The company expects to invest more than $5 billion over the next 15 years in the three data centers in the state of Queretaro.

It will be the cloud provider's second region in Latin America, joining the existing AWS South America (São Paulo) region.

AWS Logo
– Sebastian Moss

The world's largest cloud company by market share, AWS has four other upcoming regions publicly in the works - Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Thailand - and 15 upcoming new Availability Zones.

The company first opened an AWS Outpost in Mexico back in 2020, and a Local Zone in 2023.

Existing customers in Mexico include Banco Santander Mexico, SkyAlert, Cinepolis, Aeromexico, Kueski, and Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA).

“Cloud services are an essential part of everyday life, helping us to digitally and economically transform Mexico,” said Raquel Buenrostro, the Mexican secretary of economy.

“We welcome AWS’s investment and expansion in Mexico because it is a sign of trust and demonstrates conditions are right to support the nearshoring trend across many sectors of our economy. We also welcome AWS’s investment in training students, micro, small and medium-sized companies, and digital entrepreneurs in Mexico at scale.”

AWS said it has worked on the project for the past five years.

The data centers will join existing Huawei Cloud and Oracle facilities. Microsoft and Google also plan to open Mexican regions.