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Online retail giant Amazon has reopened its Amazon Web Services (AWS) Pop-up Loft in San Francisco in a bid to help developers understand its web services further.

AWS did a pilot run of the Pop-up Loft for nearly four weeks in June where users gained guidance from architects and engineers who helped to build services including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS.

AWS said at the loft it will deliver more deep technical guidance through ask an Architect 1:1 consultation sessions, technical bootcamps and labs, and AWS product sessions.

The AWS Technical Bootcamps are one-day training sessions with exercises on an AWS platform.

With help from AWS instructors and solution architects users can gain knowledge on how to use AWS, storing, managing and analyzing big data in the cloud and how to change and configuration management of infrastructure on AWS.

AWS said the self-paced labs will be used to help users sharpen their AWS technical skills and will also offer labs for beginners through advanced users on various topics.

AWS’s chief evangelist Jeff Barr said at the pilot run many AWS developers dropped in to network, listen, learn, work, and socialize.

“During my three day stint at the loft, I met a number of interesting entrepreneurs and spent time learning about their plans to change the world,” Barr said.

“For example, I spoke with Cosmo Mielke of to learn more about his citizen science experiment. He's working to use Big Data to understand the interaction between genetics and lifestyle in an effort to prevent diseases and prolong lives".