Amazon Web Services (AWS) has followed Google Cloud's example and removed some data transfer fees for customers.

Customers wishing to migrate data can now do so without paying the egress fees that previously may have prevented customers from switching to a different cloud provider.

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– Sebastian Moss

Prior to this, AWS allowed customers up to 100GB of free data transfer per month from AWS regions to the Internet, and one terabyte of free transfer out of Amazon CloudFront, the company's content delivery network.

In a blog post, AWS notes the importance of "choice," and that it must include "the one to migrate your data to another cloud provider or on-premises."

That’s why, it said, "starting today, we’re waiving data transfer out to the internet charges (DTO) when you want to move outside of AWS."

The post goes on to say that if companies need more than 100GB of transfer, they can contact AWS Support for free DTO rates for the additional data. However, customers will have to go through support for every move of data so the company knows it is not a "normal part of your business" but is instead a one-time transfer to another cloud provider or on-premise data center. "We will review requests at the AWS account level," the company said.

Unlike Google's announcement in January 2024, AWS has not included the stipulation that you close your account or change your relationship with the company.

However, the FAQs page on AWS states that customers are only eligible for free data transfers if they meet the following criteria: Have an AWS account in "good standing," have more than 100GB of data stored in the account, and are looking to move all their data off of AWS. It notes that if you only want to move some data off, you must contact support for further assistance and "transfer credits."

The FAQs go on to state: "Only data transfer out charges in support of your move off of AWS are eligible for credits."

Additionally, "data transfer out from specialized data transfer services, such as Amazon CloudFront, AWS Direct Connect, AWS Snow Family, and AWS Global Accelerator, are not included."

If AWS reviews the data migration and can see it was not for moving off of the platform, it can impose for the transfers in post. Finally, the company states that "AWS may make changes with respect to free data transfers out to the Internet at any time."

Customers have 60 days to complete the exit once they receive credits.

AWS has explicitly noted that the announcement follows directions set out by the European Data Act which requires cloud providers to remove "obstacles to effective switching" between their own and competing cloud services, including commercial, contractual, technical, or organizational hurdles - and by extension egress fees. Cloud providers have 19 months to comply with these requirements.

While the Data Act only applies to Europe, AWS is applying these changes to transfer fees globally.