BlueSky American Samoa expects to launch a 5G network on the island nation next year, to coincide with the mobile operator's 25th anniversary.

American Samoa
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Bluesky's parent company Amalgamated Telecom Holdings (ATH), said in its annual report: "BlueSky continues its journey to celebrate its 25 years of existence in the year 2024. The upcoming financial year is significant for BlueSky with initiatives and programs directed towards deploying a totally new mobile network across the island territory of American Samoa and thereon bringing 5G services for the people of American Samoa."

BlueSky has been operating in American Samoa since 1999 and claims to cover 93 percent of the population with its 4G+ service.

The company has worked with Swedish vendor Ericsson to modernize telecoms infrastructure, ready for the rollout of 5G services.

Ericsson will help upgrade the existing core network, radios, and other equipment.

Fiji-based ATH acquired the Bluesky group of companies from Amper SA in 2019.