A broadcast tower in Mississippi has been toppled after a concrete truck backed into a guy wire.

The incident in Greenville, Mississippi, led to the WNIX radio station going off air.

– Getty Images

As first reported by Radio World, a concrete truck backed into a guy wire, causing the 199-foot tower to collapse. The truck was there to help with the construction of a new transmitter building.

The destruction caused both the AM and FM stations going off air, although streaming services are available online.

A timeframe for the repairs has yet to be given by Larry Fuss, president and CEO of Delta Radio, which owns WNIX.

He noted that he anticipated that the cost to restore the loss would fall on the construction company’s insurance carrier.

“Ultimately, we have to put the tower back up along with a new FM antenna for the translator,” he told Radio World. “That’s going to take some time.”

“The [construction company] didn’t even bother to call us and let us know what happened,” added Fuss. “We didn’t discover the damage until Monday when we couldn’t get the AM transmitter to come back up remotely.”

Earlier this week, another radio station had a surprise of its own when vandals in Jasper, Alabama, stole a whole 200-foot tower. The missing tower belonged to radio station WJLX-AM.