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Utah-based C7 Data Centers (C7) has announced a new suite of cloud-based data management services which use Actifio’s new copy data virtualization techniques to make data cheaper and easier to handle.

Announced at VMworld California, the new invention should make security, backup and disaster recovery more efficient, according to C7.

The data center company is using copy data virtualization in its newest facility, Granite Point II in Bluffdale, a Tier III data center with 95,000 sq ft of rack space.

It uses ambient air cooling, cold air containment and actuated cooling to increase power efficiency. But its storage density is now helping its improve its power/computing ratio it claims.

According to Wes Swenson, C7’s CEO, businesses constantly ask about more efficient storage and data management approaches, as it affects their ability to meet service targets.

“Actifio’s data virtualization platform easily integrates with our existing architecture which ultimately means better services, better resource utilization and better agility,” Swenson said.

Actifio virtualizes data by decoupling the management of enterprise data from enterprise infrastructure. According to analyst IDC, the global market for copy data management is currently US$46bn.

The cost and complexity associated with managing application data that is spread in separate silos is a limit on productivity, according to Ash Ashutosh, Actifio’s CEO.

Many enterprises suffer runaway costs as a consequence but the data center industry could help them to rationalize their spending on infrastructure, said Ashutosh.

“Through this partnership with C7, these same organizations can use new Actifio-powered cloud services to improve business resiliency and agility, helping them to quickly meet the need for improved service levels while leapfrogging existing data management tools,” Ashutosh said.