Newly announced data center company CalEthos plans to build a 300MW wholesale campus in Southern California.

The company said that the one million square foot (92,900 sqm) site will be built on an 80-acre site surrounded by geothermal power plants in Lithium Valley, Imperial County.

CalEthos render
– CalEthos

CalEthos said that it had hired staff from Microsoft, Google, Meta, NTT, CenturyLink, and Global Switch. The company's president and COO Joel Stone was formerly the head of global site sourcing at Meta, and spent two years as the SVP of RagingWire.

CEO Michael Campbell is a serial entrepreneur, while executive advisor Brian Mattson ran the infrastructure supply chain at Google, and development and project management head Timothy Coe led Meta data center developments.

The company has finished the feasibility assessment for Phase 1 of the project, in partnership with architectural and design firm HDR Engineering. It has hired ZGlobal, an energy consulting firm, to engineer a grid connectivity plan to enable the delivery of 100 percent clean geothermal and solar energy to the site.

It has also brought on American Dark Fiber to complete engineering and permit preparation of multiple diverse paths for accessing several close-by long-haul and dark-fiber communication networks.

Phase II has now begun, which includes contracting for infrastructure and building designs, preconstruction, and customer pre-qualification activities.