California’s energy system is rapidly changing due to legislative priorities, regulatory improvements and market forces. These changes affect every aspect of the world’s fifth largest economy and beyond, particularly the global data center industry.

Opening the DCD>Webscale Focus Day, California Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller will provide an overview of the State’s ambitious greenhouse gas reducing energy policies, including energy generation, energy efficiency, and research & development, and put it in context relative to the data center industry.

Focus Day : DCD>Energy Smart takes place in San Francisco June 25
– DCD>Webscale

Chair Weisenmiller notes “Data is the new frontier in energy planning. As our energy system becomes increasingly dynamic and interconnected, big data will provide the analytics needed to save energy, accurately forecast future growth, and help make the system more resilient.”

Energy storage and re-use

Also featuring at DCD>Energy Smart are Patrick Flynn, Senior Director of Sustainability at Salesforce who will discuss the renewable energy storage journey, examining the inducements, practicalities and opportunities of the current renewable energy regime.

Providing an international case study will be Johan Börje from Stockholm Exergi in a session about the benefits and challenges of data center heat recovery and its viability from a business and technical perspective.

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