Colorado-based American Cannabis Company is merging with HyperScale Nexus Holding Corp., a business based around Nvidia H100 GPUs.

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As reported by HPCwire this week, the SEC filing for the acquisition was filed on September 21, and will see American Cannabis, a consulting firm that helps companies with cannabis operations such as cultivation and regulations, merge with Nevada-based HyperScale Nexus, a company formed in July 2023 that has a business model "inspired" by Rackspace.

The merger agreement is subject to customary closing conditions. Should the deal go through, American Cannabis will become a subsidiary of HyperScale Nexus.

The deal is currently looking to be completed next month, and will see a share exchange where each three hundred shares of America Cannabis stock will be exchanged for one share of HyperNexus common stock.

HyperScale Nexus identifies itself as focusing on providing "premium data center services with unparalleled access to the latest Nvidia H100 GPU chipsets" and leveraging its access to said chipsets to "build out or purchase data centers we own or operate." As of the September 21 filing, HyperScale Nexus has no employees.

The companies are seemingly an unlikely pair, though securities Lawyer Tad Mailander is a common link and is on the board of directors for both.

HyperScale Nexus' primary source for the H100 GPUs is xFusion Digital Technologies, a company in Singapore that sells products including GPU servers. In that deal, HyperScale is leasing 30,000 Nvidia H100 chipsets for 18 months in a deal that will end in February 2025. That deal requires HyperScale Nexus to develop and deploy "ICT decarbonization/sustainability projects and initiatives."

HyperScale Nexus also entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on August 26 to provide 128 Nvidia H100 GPUs to Silicon Tech Park, a data center developer in Thailand, as a joint venture. Each partner contributed $800,000 and committed to raising an additional $6.4 million to fund operations.

Executive officers at the company include CEO Greg Forrest, and Tad Mailander as president, secretary, and treasurer. American Cannabis Company counts Tad Mailander as a director, along with Ellis Smith, who is also CEO and CFO. Tyler Schloesser is COO.