Israeli service provider Cellcom and Open RAN provider Parallel Wireless have partnered for a pilot to construct a cloud-based standalone (SA) 5G network.

It follows on from an announcement earlier this year by Cellcom when the operator detailed its plans to establish the cloud-based network.

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According to Cellcom, the pilot is a first of its kind in the country.

Both companies have said that the pilot will help enable the deployment of autonomous SA 5G core sites across Israel, with testing expected to conclude by the end of the year.

The pilot will be based on 5G SA, but will also have an end-to-end Open RAN platform that will help to test RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) capabilities.

A RIC is a software-defined component of the Open RAN architecture and is responsible for controlling and optimizing RAN (radio access network) functions.

Parallel Wireless previously partnered with Juniper Networks last year in a trial involving RIC, and has also worked with Vodafone's Open RAN trials in the UK.

"Parallel Wireless is proud to partner with Cellcom and showcase how our innovative 5G standalone agile Open RAN software can disrupt the wireless network landscape not only in Israel but worldwide," said Parallel Wireless president and COO, Baruch Navon.

"Our pioneering solution is expected to deliver improved agility, flexibility, resilience, and performance. The pilot, scheduled to conclude by the end of 2023, will incorporate advanced applications to improve network performance and efficiency, with the intention of bringing 5G SA to the benefit of the users."

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