Technology services firm CGG has launched a 100 petaflops UK High-Performance Computing (HPC) Hub in Southeast England.

The UK HPC Hub uses immersion cooling and 100 percent renewable energy, and brings the company's global compute capacity to 500 petaflops.

CGG did not share the exact address of the HPC Hub, but has three UK addresses listed on its website including a site in Crawley, West Sussex.

CGG Crawley
– Google Maps

Similarly, very little information about the hardware used at the HPC Hub has been shared. DCD has contacted the company for more information.

A CGG spokesperson told DCD: "The hardware is confidential as our specific internal optimized infrastructure."

They added that the compute power is generated through a combination of CPU and GPUs and the 100 petaflops is based on a single-precision floating point format. The renewable power in question is based on a combination of hydro, solar, and wind energy.

Agnès Boudot, EVP, HPC & Cloud Solutions, CGG, said: “CGG is a global leader in industrial and customized end-to-end HPC and AI services. Our innovative UK HPC Hub showcases this expertise and our drive to accelerate our Earth imaging workflows while expanding into other areas, such as generative AI and life sciences, where CGG offers outcome-focused, highly efficient, and scalable solutions in an industrial environment, from the infrastructure to the algorithm.”

CGG is a global technology and HPC provider for Earth sciences, data science, sensing and monitoring, and digital services. The company's clients use CCG's compute capacity and resources to research problems such as the energy transition, natural resources, and environmental and infrastructure challenges. The company is listed on the Euronext Paris SA.