A new service to search available colocation services across the UK has launched.

ColoTrader is a new self-service colocation brokerage service that aims to show users available colocation providers within data centers across the UK.

– ColoTrader

The service has been launched by Stuart Priest, who also runs UK modular data center provider Sonic Edge.

“Really pleased to announce the launch of a new business today called ColoTrader. I've created ColoTrader to streamline colocation searches in the UK for customers looking for requirements between 1/4 and a full rack,” Priest said on LinkedIn this week. “By offering a seamless and transparent experience, ColoTrader aims to become the global go-to platform for businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective colocation space.”

The service aims to help customers find 1/4, 1/2, and full rack deals ranging from 1kW up to 40kW in the location and price band they require.

At launch, the brokerage covers the UK, but Priest has said he aims to expand geographies in the future, saying he already has US and European colocation providers agreeing to come on board when the service launches abroad.