Colt Data Centre Services (Colt DCS) has launched a new data center telemetry platform.

The new Central Telemetry Platform was announced this week and enables customers to use real-time telemetry data to support the management of their data center workloads.

Frankfurt west colt dcs
A Colt data center in Germany – Mercury Engineering

Developed in partnership with consulting firm Protiviti, the company said hyperscale customers can use the platform to review and manage their data center operations.

Customers will reportedly be able to monitor data center power usage, internal and external temperatures, and electricity usage for cooling in real-time.

The tool collects local data and centralizes it into one platform, accessible via an API. From there, customers can build their own applications to continuously view and monitor the insights. Colt said enterprises and Cloud Service Providers can act on the insights by shifting processing loads to where it's cheaper and proactively tracking the maintenance of equipment.

"There is a growing need for our hyperscale customers to have access to live reporting metrics for their data centers, so they are equipped with the information they need to succeed,” said Quy Nguyen, chief sales officer at Colt DCS. “The Central Telemetry Platform positions Colt DCS as the partner of choice for hyperscale Cloud Service Providers and large enterprises and supports our innovative and sustainable approach, and our goal to be the most customer centric data center operator."

Michelle Moody, managing director data and analytics at Protiviti, added: "Static reports are a thing of the past. Interactive dashboards allow for deep dives and granular analysis on key data center metrics, providing businesses with the insights they need to thrive. We're excited by the opportunity to support Colt DCS on its journey of innovation for customers."