Cox Edge has launched a new location in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Cox Edge has launched a location in Omaha, Nebraska, an agricultural giant and leader in manufacturing, finance, and insurance," the company said on LinkedIn last week. "This Midwest expansion continues our journey to deliver Edge compute resources closer and closer to end users.”

CoxEdge Ohama.jfif
– Cox Edge

Cox Communications launched Cox Edge last year, launching in around a dozen US markets; while many were in Cox's traditional cable footprint such as San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, others were outside that footprint. The company said it currently offers services from more than 30 locations with another 30 planned across the US.

In June of this year the company added Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Santa Ana, California, to its footprint. Last month it added Wichita, Kansas to its footprint. October has also seen the company launch a location in Merrifield, Virginia.

Cox Edge aims to offer Edge cloud services through a cloud-native stack and orchestration platform. It aims to use both Cox Communications/Cox Business facilities and networks, as well as infrastructure partners including content delivery network (CDN) provider Stackpath.

Cox, along with Juniper Networks, led a $216 million Series B funding round in Stackpath in 2020.

Cox Edge’s portfolio includes content delivery network services, bare metal offerings, serverless connectivity, virtual machine, distributed database, and managed Kubernetes products.

Founded by the newspaper magnate and politician James M. Cox in the late 1800s and originally in the newspaper business, US conglomerate Cox Enterprises entered the radio industry, before moving into TV & broadcasting in the 1940s and then the cable television industry in the early 1960s, before moving into telecoms. Today it also operates major automotive and media arms.

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