Indian data center company CtrlS Datacenters plans to invest $2 billion over the next six years in expanding across Asia and the Middle East.

It plans to add 350MW of AI and cloud-ready hyperscale data center capacity at new and existing facilities, joining its current 234MW of capacity.

A CtrlS data center in Dehli
– CtrlS Datacenters

The company currently operates 12 data centers across seven cities - Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Lucknow, and Patna. Three more will come online this year.

It plans to hire more than 1,000 people over the six years, doubling its headcount.

CtrlS Datacenters will also invest in three solar projects totaling 153MW peak, which will generate 250,000MWh of energy annually. The main project, a 145MWp solar project in Maharashtra will be fully owned and operated by the company.

With a plan to be net-zero by 2030, it will invest in another 300MWp by 2025.

The company said that it aims to eventually fully recycle water at its data centers, and will 'deploy more advanced water recycling technologies.'

"Since 2007, we have been committed to innovation and excellence, and the present surge in AI and cloud technologies warrants that we stay relevant to these changing market dynamics, while leading the charter of sustainability," Sridhar Pinnapureddy, founder and chairman of CtrlS Datacenters, said.

"We aspire to not only bolster our presence across key markets delivering the next generation of data center technology, but also to elevate the standard for the entire data center industry through pioneering services and sustainable practices."