"We had to go through a very challenging approval process"

Speaking at DCD>New York, the CEO of data center provider DataGryd explained the difficulties of developing in the iconic 60 Hudson Street carrier hotel.

"There's always a limit with the city of New York," Tom Brown said. "We had to go through a - let me be very kind in saying it - a very challenging approval process, because it's such an historical building, everything needs to be passed through not only the City, but also the Historical Society and the Landmarks Commission.

"But within the four walls, we have been able to build a premier data center."

He added: "We have 15MW of power, which is unique for the City of New York... when you are able to have that dense power, you can accommodate some of the emerging technology that folks need. Typically, a rack would be 2kW, now we're going to be able to service 5-7 and as much as 20-30kW per rack unit."