Dean Nelson explains the inner workings of the industry’s coolest professional organization

In this interview Dean Nelson, head of Uber Compute and founder of the Infrastructure Masons, explains why he created this professional organization.

Infrastructure Masons aims to bring together engineers, designers, architects, and everyone else who’s responsible for the hardware and software that runs the modern world. By coming together, members can share their experience, develop their skills and influence the future of the industry.

Mason rings
Mason rings – Infrastructure Masons

The objectives are serious, but the these people know how to have fun too – just like the historic Masons community, Infrastructure Masons can obtain degrees and ranks based on experience, and members even get a ring (pictured right) to signify their participation and make it easier to meet like-minded people.

The conversation took place at the DCD Enterprise show in New York, which concluded last week.

If you believe you are an infrastructure mason, you can join the imasons group here