American critical infrastructure specialist Power Distribution Inc. (PDI) has launched a power distribution unit and a remote power panel designed to address the latest standards in energy management, safety and accessibility.

The PowerPak 2 PDU features high efficiency transformers fully compliant with the US Department of Energy guidelines known as DOE 2016, which came into force on the 1st January. The appliance can power up to 400 kVA of equipment in a compact footprint.

Meanwhile the new Modular Compact Remote Power Panel supports a wide range of unit and panel board configurations and can be fine-tuned for the most demanding facilities.

Both products were presented at the DatacenterDynamics Enterprise conference and exhibition in New York.

PowerPak 2
PowerPak 2 – Power Distribution Inc.

Following the rules

PDI is a subsidiary of Smiths Power, a supplier of power management and protection solutions for data centers, wireless communications and other high-value electrical systems. Smiths Power, in turn, is a part of the Smiths Group, a global technology company listed on the London Stock Exchange that has existed in one form or another since 1851.

PDI’s latest power distribution unit was designed to comply with DOE 2016, a standard for distributed power systems that mandates efficiencies for specific types of low voltage dry-type transformers manufactured and sold in the USA.

In line with this standard, PowerPak 2 offers reduced energy losses over previous generation PDUs, while offering what the company calls the industry’s highest kVA rating for its size.

PowerPak 2 enables up to 2x 400 Amp panel boards or up to 8x 225 Amp sub feed breakers with ‘True Front Access’, meaning that maintenance and service can be carried out in the cold isle, from the front of the PDU. Side access is also supported.

Modular Compact Remote Power Panel
Modular Compact Remote Power Panel – Power Distribution Inc.

It also features a patent pending ‘3D Access Window’ and transformer designs that enable infrared scanning from the front of the PDU. To simplify maintenance and improve safety, both high and low voltage internal components have been isolated into individual compartments.

The appliance is fully compatible with PDIs WaveStar Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) that enables proactive management of power usage and availability, and can monitor metrics like kWH per panelboard and kWH per branch circuit.

The accompanying Modular Compact Remote Power Panel comes in a 12” x 24” form factor with integrated floor, wall and unit-to-unit mounting. It shares many of the same features, like True Front Access and power compartmentalization, and is also supported by WaveStar.

“PowerPak 2 PDU and Modular Compact RPP represent PDIs continued focus on making data centers safer and flexible in the deployment of mission critical power”, said Tom Kritzell, President of Smiths Power. “We continue to invest in product development and innovation to ensure we remain a solution provider for our valued customers.”