This year has been tumultuous, to say the least. Sadly, we're still nowhere near the end of the Covid-19 crisis - but at least we're beginning to learn how to adapt.

In this issue of the DCD Magazine, we talk to data center operators about how they are changing in these unprecedented times, from prioritizing cleaning, to working in shifts, to a newfound appreciation of their staff.

We're also fighting back. Supercomputers are being drafted in the battle against the coronavirus, with hundreds of petaflops being used to help the search for treatments or a vaccine. It may be too late to stop Covid from having a lasting impact, but researchers hope that their work can stop anything like this ever happening again. We talk to scientists, supercomputing experts, and cloud companies about building the Covid-19 HPC Consortium and what comes next.

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Evoque's CEO on building a company during a pandemic

Andy Stewart talks to DCD about creating a new business out of AT&T's data center assets in the middle of this weird year.

Recycled bits save energy

The secret to unleashing more computing power for very little energy cost could be in the laws of thermodynamics.

Earth's twin

The EU wants to build a digital twin of the entire planet. But Destination Earth has a long road ahead, we learn in our exclusive first look at the project.

The democratization of 5G and mobile networks

Amid a pandemic and a trade war, some are pushing to open up 5G.

How data centers can make way for renewables

Our industry can be the lynchpin of the world's transition to renewables - but if we embrace new technologies.

Look after yourself

We're going through a difficult time. Stay safe, and reach out if you need to talk.

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Learn about the challenges of scaling in these strange times, learn about recycling servers, find out the latest news, and more.

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