In 2022, Mark Monroe's podcast about hydrogen was one of our most popular episodes.

At Microsoft, Mark had just made a prototype hydrogen fuel cell UPS system that could potentially replace diesel generators to provide low-carbon backup power at data centers. One year on, he's back with some more detail about the practical side of hydrogen delivery.

A hydrogen economy will need a distribution system - but will that look like a power network, a gas grid, or a system of trucks? 

And who will use it? Data centers are keenly observing the arrival of hydrogen as an energy storage media. But they won't be the first big users, says Mark. 

Finally, this year we have heard stories of natural hydrogen mined from underground. Mark assesses that prospect, along with the other sources of hydrogen.

Hydrogen could rewrite the world's map of energy providers, with some countries benefitting from a new energy bonanza.

Listen to our talk, and find out where and when you will start using hydrogen.