As data center demands grow, hyperscalers are building out vast networks that will help define the future of how infrastructure is interconnected.

In the latest episode of the DCD Zero Downtime podcast, we connect with Juniper Networks' group vice president of cloud-ready data center, Mike Bushong, to discuss what this means, and what we should expect next.

"Hyperscalers know what they want, down to the component level," Bushong explained. "It's no longer high-level outcomes, it's around systems designs, architectures, programmatic architectures. The thing about the cloud is that you're not buying their compute, you're buying their operations.

"With that in mind, they have very specific ideas about what operations look like, and so they don't ask what you have and build around it. They tell you what you need and you have to plug into what they need."

We also discuss AI, silicon photonics, telecoms, the race to 800G, and more.

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