An update on progress at Lefdal mine in Norway

The project to place a data center in the giant disused Lefdal mine in Norway is moving along well, according to Lefdal’s Mats Andersson

”We’re building one of the largest data centers in the world - potentially 120,000 sq m of net white space - 200MW or more, depending on density” said Mats Andersson, marketing director of the Lefdal Mine data center, in an interview at DCD Zettastructure in London, in November 2016. 

The project is also the greenest, most scalable and most flexible data center in Europe, said Andersson. It can hold any size and shape of container, as well as regular white space, offering room-in-room solutions, or new underground buildings built from concrete. 

It’s supported by the Norwegian government, he said as a means to capitalize on Norway’s oversupply of renewable energy,.