Data centers in cities are offering their waste heat to nearby homes and offices, a DCD event in Stockholm will hear on March 2018. Experts will show how to exploit this opportunity to help offset energy costs.

Europe is leading the way in turning waste heat from servers into bonus energy which can warm residential and business properties, but the techniques can be applied in appropriate climates worldwide. The DCD>Energy Smart event on 13 March 2018, in the Brewery Conference Center, Stockholm will explore a wide range of approaches to energy efficiency in digital infrastructure, including how to make use of otherwise wasted energy. 

Recycling generates profits

DCD>Energy Smart to discuss the reuse for dtacenters
DCD>EnergySmart to discuss the reuse for dtacenters – DCD>EnergySmart

“Through the adoption of various energy efficiency measures, the data center industry together with the energy utilities can build scalable, flexible, and green data centers which are dynamic in their infrastructure,” says Jan Sjögren, head of global ICT centers building operations at Ericsson who will be speaking at the event. “There is a great opportunity for the data center to recycle their waste heat, where we can potentially save on energy cost whilst generating profits as producers.”

Across Europe, cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Odense, Dresden and Stockholm are betting big on this approach, creating a new business model for the tech industry worldwide.  

“Rising energy consumption is of great concern to the data center industry. The trend towards utilizing clean energy will redefine future data center location strategies.  With the rise of edge computing, we will see a network of distributed compute. Edge compute close to dense population areas, and large data centers in close proximity to power plants, with re-use of energy, will increasingly benefit operators,” says Tor Björn Minde, CEO at RISE SICS North AB, who will be speaking on this topic at the event.

The event will tackle emerging energy efficiency measures inside and outside of the data center and will feature industry leaders from IBM, Bloom Energy, Fortum Värme, NTT, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, OX Wind, City of Stockholm, DigiPLEX, Hydro66, The Green Grid, Interxion, the European Commission, Baidu, Statkraft, GreenIT Amsterdam, Uptime Institute, Aligned Energy, Baselayer and many more international digital infrastructure professionals.

“Data centers seek solutions to increase energy efficiency and lower costs by various approaches in order to draw clean energy and recycle their waste at the same time – in Scandinavia and beyond. Waste heat utilization is therefore considered to be one of the major trends in the near future, especially in the Nordic countries, where heat demand is high”, says George Rockett, CEO & Co-Founder of DatacenterDynamics.