Leading data center training and certification provider DC Professional Development (DCPro) in conjunction with award-winning eLearning company Sponge UK has launched an online eLearning course in Data Center Health and Safety.

DCPro’s Data Center Health and Safety eLearning course is designed to help employees and visitors stay safe, reduce downtime risks and avoid possible accidents in the mission critical space. DCPro is raising awareness and standards within the data center industry, enabling individuals and organizations alike to keep up with constantly evolving best practice and acquire news skills in a fast-paced industry with engaging cost-effective training.

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One hour induction

The one hour online induction course is available globally through DCPro’s website - more information can also be found on the Data Center Health and Safety Factsheet 

Simon Banham, managing director at DCPro, said: “Human error is the main factor in most cases of data center downtime so providing effective workforce training in health and safety is really important.”

Louise Pasterfield, managing director at Sponge UK, said: “This eLearning course is designed to be interactive to enable people to ‘learn by doing’, with clear, concise language, engaging images and short video clips to support key messages.”

Learners can choose their own path through the course, depending on their role in the data center, so the training is a suitable introduction to Health and Safety for anyone working in and around a facility.

It also includes regular knowledge checks with supportive feedback to help learners monitor their progress through the module.

The global rise in demand for data storage space has prompted growth in data centers with annual spending in Europe alone rising by 8.3 percent in 2015 to $63.3 billion (€56.1bn).

You can request a demo of the Data Center Health and Safety eLearning Course from info@dc-professional.com

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