Delta Electronics has launched SmartNode, a new range of modularized data centers to help businesses move to the Edge.

SmartNode offers several micro data centers for the EMEA markets.

– Delta Electronics

From Cloud to Edge

Rakesh Mukhija, Delta's senior director and head of EMEA Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions, said: "There is a shift happening right now from cloud computing to Edge computing. That is why Delta is introducing the new SmartNode modularized data centers, which are perfect for Edge computing and enterprise-level applications."

The SmartNode is available in five capacities ranging from 33kW, 35kW, 50kW, 70kW to 90kW. Additional features of the SmartNode include a reliable power system high load IT rack (1,420kg per rack) and cooling management.

As telcos build out their 5G infrastructure and the IoT grows, operators need higher transmissions speeds, more bandwidth, and less latency. Delta says this is why it has created the new product range, to provide for SMEs as a 'new generation' of services appear such as in virtual reality, augmented reality, and autonomous vehicles.

The company said in its statement: "In this IT-intensive world with heavy data traffic, an Edge data center acts as a caching and data-aggregation point between users and larger facilities to ease overwhelming IT loads.

"Network operators need affordable, reliable, and quick-to-deploy infrastructure like the new SmartNode modularized data centers to maximize efficiency and profitability."