Digital Realty is reportedly planning another data center in Zurich, Switzerland.

ZuOnline reports Digital Realty is looking to build a fourth building at its campus in the Swiss capital, on the municipal border between Rümlang and Opfikon.

Rendering of ZUR3 – Digital Realty

The publication said ZUR4 will be similar in size to ZUR2, which currently offers 14MW across 6,300 sqm (67,800 sq ft).

Construction is expected to begin in 2024 or 2025. Costs were originally expected to reach 65 million francs ($72.2m), but the company is set to revise this figure.

The project is currently open to public comments in the municipality of Rümlang.

Digital expects to connect the facility to an district heating network currently being developed by Energie Opfikon AG and the Elektra Baselland cooperative (EBL).

In an initial phase, Digital Realty will release around 18.4MW of waste heat to the operator EBL.

Thomas Kreser, marketing manager at Digital Realty, told ZuOnline: “In Rümlang and Opfikon we have the advantage that the Airport City energy network can supply not only private households, but also large consumers such as industry and hotels.”

Digital (via InterXion) announced plans for ZUR3 in 2020; the first of three phases was set to launch in mid-2022 and offer 2,900 square meters (31,215 sq ft) of space. Now live, at full build-out, ZUR3 will span 11,000 sqm (118,500 sq ft) and 24MW of capacity.

In operation since 2000 and upgraded several times, ZUR1 offers 5MW across 7,400 sqm (79,800 sq ft). Construction on ZUR2 began in 2019 and launched around 2020.