Digital Realty's KIX13 data center in Osaka, Japan, has been given Nvidia's stamp of approval to support DGX H100s.

GPU designer Nvidia launched the DGX-Ready Data Center program in 2019 to certify facilities as being able to support its DGX Systems, a line of Nvidia-produced servers and workstations featuring its power-hungry hardware.

Nvidia DGX H100
– Nvidia

KIX13 is Digital's first to be certified for Nvidia's latest generation, the DGX H100. As the name suggests, that generation is built around the H100 GPU, which has a max thermal design power (TDP) of up to 700W. A DGX H100 can feature up to eight of those GPUs.

“Organizations looking to implement enterprise AI are investing in accelerated computing infrastructure – including hardware and software purpose-built for AI – to deploy their models into production quickly,” said Charlie Boyle, VP of DGX systems at Nvidia, said. “With the certification of Digital Realty’s new KIX13 facility in the DGX-ready data center program, customers have access to a flexible, simple option for deploying the world’s leading AI platform.”

The facility, which opened this February, has a total building size of 250,000 square foot (23,226 sqm), 21MW of utility power capacity, and a design PUE of 1.4.

“Digital Realty understands the impact AI will have on the way businesses drive digital transformation in the years to come. However, business breakthroughs made possible with AI can only be realized if enterprises are able to integrate the technology into their operations, and that is where we come in,” said Chris Sharp, Digital Realty's CTO.

“With Digital Realty’s KIX13 DGX-Ready Data Center certification, we remain focused on delivering a meeting place that allows our customers to accelerate innovation and growth.”