Dutch data center firm Datacenter Almere has filed for bankruptcy.

Datacenter Almere II.jpg
– Google Maps

The Flevoland company this month was declared bankrupt by a court in Midden-Nederland.

Led by Andrew van der Haar, the company offered colocation services and operated a single data center on 153 Randstad 22 in Almere, outside Amsterdam. Subsidiaries ICT Campus Almere and IaaS provider NL Datastore are also subject to the bankruptcy decision.

The court has appointed a trustee, Mr. KCS Meekes, associated with De Advocaten van Van Riet BV, who will take care of the settlement of the bankruptcy.

DCD has reached out to van der Haar for comment.

The facility was originally built in 2001 for Sara (now teaching and research cooperative Surf.nl) before being taken over by Vancis in 2008. Interxion/Digital Realty acquired the facility in 2018 and operated the site as Almere ALM1. Datacenter Almere relaunched the facility in 2019.

The company reportedly suffered a major outage in September after a break in a high-voltage cable.

A number of companies, including NorthC and Keppel, own and operate data centers in Almere.

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