Ericsson has improved its remote management feature on Etisalat Egypt's network in a move that enables the operator to improve its energy efficiencies.

To help with this, the Swedish vendor has implemented its Smart Connected Site solution onto Etisalat's network, meaning that diesel generators can run in shorter bursts.

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According to Ericsson, this means that Etisalat can save up to 40 percent in fuel costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

On top of this, it's estimated that this prolongs the lifecycle of the diesel generator, and reduces the overhauling frequency by up to 50 percent.

Ericsson's Smart Connected Site is also able to help reduce site visits, as it incorporates the ability to remotely monitor aspects of the site such as collecting, aggregating, and communicating radio, power and enclosure, and site material operating data and status.

"Our mission is 'Delivering insightful, segmented services to enrich lives in a changing world,' that is why our responsibility is to serve our customers and the larger Egyptian community by taking another step in the right direction," said Medhat ElHusseiny, chief technology officer at Etisalat Egypt.

"The modernization and improvement of our network are critical to the sector’s continuing development. Thanks to the Ericsson Smart Connected Site solution, Etisalat Egypt can now enjoy efficient site upgrades with a reduced carbon footprint and improved network performance."

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