Gaza has once again been hit by an Internet outage, with the latest one lasting three days.

It's the seventh outage since the war began.

Gaza Strip 2021
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It's the longest sustained outage since the war with Israel began in October, as highlighted by NetBlocks on X, formerly Twitter.

Palestinian telco Paltel first flagged the outage on January 12, noting that Internet services had gone down around 4:23 pm local time.

Paltel also confirmed that two of its engineers have been killed while attempting to restore the service.

The company named the deceased as Nader Abu Hajjaj and Bahaa Al-Rayes.

"Farewell to colleagues Nader Abu Hajjaj and Bahaa Al-Rayes, who excelled while performing their national and humanitarian duty in restoring communication to Gaza under difficult circumstances. The eyes shed tears and the heart grieves, and we are saddened by your separation," said the operator in a statement.

Gaza is currently under heavy attack from Israeli forces in retaliation for the Hamas terror attack in October.

Hamas killed more than 1,200 people in Israel in surprise attacks on October 7, with more than 200 people kidnapped.

At least 24,000 people have been killed in Gaza since October 7, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, with more than 60,000 wounded.

Since the start of the war, Israel has blocked all but one delivery of fuel to Gaza, so resources have been scarce.

The first outage, which took place on October 27, lasted for around 36 hours. The outages left most residents cut off in the region, while the Palestinian Red Crescent (donate here) said it couldn't reach its teams in Gaza.

A second outage on November 1 lasted for a few hours before services were restored. Paltelco stated that communications services, including fixed, cellular, and Internet were impacted. The company noted that services had been disconnected by Israel. Some people with mobiles served by Israeli and Egyptian providers were still able to get limited connectivity.

On November 5, Gaza was hit by its third outage in the space of ten days. The outage lasted for more than 15 hours before services were gradually restored.

A fourth outage took place on November 17, lasting 33 hours. A lack of fuel for backup generators was blamed for the outage. Two more outages hit the Gaza Strip last month.