Internet services have now been down for a week in Gaza, Palestine.

Connectivity along the Gaza Strip was first lost on January 12, and services remain offline as the area continues to come under heavy fire from Israeli forces in retaliation for the Hamas terror attack in October.

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NetBlocks noted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the near-total outage has now hit seven days.

"The disruption is the ninth and longest sustained telecoms outage since the onset of the present conflict with Israel," said NetBlocks.

Paltel first flagged the outage on January 12, noting that services had gone down around 4.23pm local time, as two of its engineers were killed while attempting to restore services.

There have not been any updates about network services from Paltel or Jawwal, another telco based in the region, since January 14.

Prior to the current incident, the longest downtime experienced in Gaza since the conflict began had been a four-day outage last month.

Hamas killed more than 1,200 people in Israel in surprise attacks on October 7, with more than 200 Israeli citizens kidnapped by the terrorist group.

Israel's government responded with military action, and at least 24,000 people have been killed in Gaza since October 7, according to its Ministry of Health, with more than 60,000 wounded.

Since the start of the war, Israel has blocked all but one delivery of fuel to Gaza, meaning resources have been scarce.