Singapore-based cryptomining firm GMT is planning a data center in the United Arab Emirates.

“The company is considering several sites in the UAE as it plans to start building a data center in the region. GMT will invest heavily in the development of its data center there,” GMT said in a blog post on Medium. “The exact location of the center has not yet been released, but of course all information will be made public as soon as we have more details.”

GMT Crypto.png

The company said it will install Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro (110Th) and Antminer S19 (95Th) hardware in the new facility. A total of 5,000 machines will be deployed in immersion cooling systems, totaling 20MW.

“GMT’s expansion is very significant for us; we are looking at making the UAE our global headquarters and bringing our expertise to the UAE via a mining center of excellence, service and repair facilities, in addition to a blockchain research and development center,” GMT CEO Mark Zalan told local press.

Founded in 2017, GMT said it aims to have more than 200MW of mining capability by May 2022. It’s unclear where the company’s current mining operations are located or the type of facilities.

The company said it receives part of the electricity for the operation of data centers from renewable energy sources; namely, hydroelectric power plants and wind turbines and plans to move to entirely renewable sources in the future.

GoMining, which is seemingly linked to GMT, says it has locations in Russia (x2) and Kazakhstan, with projects in development in UAE, Canada, and the US.

In other crypto news, Bismarck, North Dakota has amending zoning laws to allow for cryptominers and other data centers. According to the Bismarck Tribune, The Bismarck City Commission recently voted 4-0 to approve the change. Senior City Planner Daniel Nairn told the commission data center developers are interested in placing facilities in the community for cryptocurrency mining, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence applications.

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