Google will launch a new Cloud region in Melbourne, Australia, this week.

First announced last year, Melbourne will be the company’s second region in Australia. Google opened its initial Australian Cloud region in Sydney in 2017.

“In 2017 we launched our first cloud region in Sydney and, since then, we have continued to invest and expand across Australia in an effort to support the digital future of businesses,” Matt Zwolenski, Google Cloud director of cloud customer engineering for Australia and New Zealand, said in a blog post.

Local customers of the new cloud region include Australia Post, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, and Optus.

The company describes the new region as “a world-class data center that will accelerate the way Australia and New Zealand’s businesses operate and manage digital resources.” On its regions page, Google said Melbourne had three availability zones.

A point of presence will also be launched in Auckland, New Zealand.

Microsoft has three Azure regions in Australia in Canberra, New South Wales, and Victoria; a New Zealand region is coming to Auckland.

AWS has a Sydney region and Edge locations in Melbourne and Perth. Oracle has Sydney and Melbourne locations in its footprint, while Alibaba’s cloud also has a Sydney facility.

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