Green infrastructure information group The Green Grid has updated a tool designed to measure the financial side of using moving to liquid cooling.

The Liquid Cooling Total Cost of Ownership Calculation (tggTCO) tool shows how different liquid cooling methods impact a data center’s financial performance. The new edition will be shown today at the SC23 Conference in Denver at 2:30 pm MDT/4:30 pm ET/ 1:30 pm PDT/2230GMT (password: 269238).

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– Green Grid

The new version of the tool is designed to include innovations in liquid cooling and meet the increased demand for TCO data driven by new sustainability reporting requirements.

“TGG’s Liquid Cooling Total Cost of Ownership Calculation Tool will help enable more efficient data center designs and promote sustainable change,” said Christopher Cleet, ITI’s Vice President of Policy for Sustainability and Regulatory.

“This updated tool will help business and financial analysts to evaluate the tradeoffs and potential savings before major data center designs and build decisions.”

The tool was launched in 2016, and updated in early 2023. The new version can be downloaded from the TGG library.

The Green Grid was set up in 2006 and is best known for creating the PUE (power usage effectiveness) metric for efficiency. In 2019, TGG was taken over by the global tech association Information Technology Industry Council (ITI).