Green House Data has begun work on a two-floor expansion of its data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Once completed in the first quarter of 2019, the project will add 7,500 square feet (696 sq m) of white space to the facility.

With nine data centers in total - located in Washington State, Oregon, Texas, Colorado, New York, and Georgia – the company’s brand is based on its use of renewable energy, and, where possible, outside air cooling.

The company says that, in order to maximize energy efficiency at the Cheyenne site (which aims for a PUE of 1.14 or less) it uses customized indirect evaporative cooling systems, energy-saving UPS units, and a mandatory aisle containment policy.

Bigger and better

Green House Data.JPG
Breaking cold ground in Cheyenne, Wyoming – Green House Data

Green House Data’s director of data centers and compliance, Art Salazar, said the company would be “using lessons learned from the initial buildout and second data center floor expansion to inform our design and build process for the final two floors.”

He added that the new infrastructure will offer more resilience to customers, while the facility’s modular design will allow the company to “expand and change the power routing, network, backup systems, and other vital components without affecting live workloads.”

Green House Data built the original data center in 2013 with its partner, infrastructure developer 1547. Its headquarters, like its flagship site, are also in Cheyenne.

In addition to building new facilities, the company has grown through acquisitions, including purchases of enterprise cloud providers Cirracore and FiberCloud; the latter's portfolio enabled it to enter the Seattle market.

CEO Shaun Mills said that, having received a positive response to its managed services offering, "provisioning additional power and data center floors will allow us to expand our cloud platforms and managed offerings significantly, while simultaneously providing additional space and resilience for colocation customers."