H5 Data Centers is extending the Cleveland data center it bought from ByteGrid in January 2017. The site will get 65 more cabinets, and is refurbishing to support an expansion of retail colocation in the facility.

SecureData 365, a retail colocation provider with space in the building is doubling its power capacity to expand in its existing space within the building, at 1625 Rockwell Avenue. The exterior and the interior of the building will be refurbished, with new office space and storage, as part of a modernization of the interior. Physical security will also be improved and there will be more staff, according to H5’s release.

Cleveland Technology Center
H5 Cleveland (Cleveland Technology Center) – ByteGrid

Under new ownership

H5 bought the 333,215 square foot (30,956 sq m) carrier hotel and enterprise data center for an undisclosed sum early this year, from ByteGrid, which bought the facility for $16.9 million in 2013. The ByteGrid staff transferred to H5.

Michael Campanelli, EVP of SecureData 365 sounds pleased with the new owners: “Everything we’ve seen so far with H5 since the acquisition earlier this year has been world-class. We’ve now doubled our power capacity in our existing space.”

H5 Data Centers has more than 1.6 million square feet of data center space, as a result of steady acquisition. It bought an 80,000 sq ft carrier hotel in Cincinnati in April, and snapped up NextFort in Arizona in 2016. Other H5 locations include Ashburn, Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Denver, San Jose, San Luis Obispo, and Seattle. 

The new colocation cabinets will be ready by September 2017.