IBM says it will install an IBM Quantum System Two processor at the Korean Quantum Computing (KQC) site by 2028.

The KQC site in Busan, South Korea has operated as an IBM Quantum Innovation Center since 2022. As a result of this expanded partnership, in addition to the installation of the new processor, KQC members will have access to IBM’s full-stack solution for AI, including watsonx and Red Hat OpenShift AI.

IBM Quantum Computer

In a statement, IBM said the collaboration would also include an investment in infrastructure to support the development of generative AI through the deployment of advanced GPUs and IBM's Artificial Intelligence Unit (AIU), managed by Red Hat OpenShift.

"KQC is providing versatile computing infrastructure in Korea through our collaboration with IBM,” said Ji Hoon Kweon, Chairman of KQC. “Our robust hardware computing resources and core software in quantum and AI are poised not only to meet the growing demand for high-performance computing, but also to catalyze industry utilization and ecosystem development. “

He added: “We are working to diligently enhance services and infrastructure through this collaboration as well as with our industry-specific partners.”

The IBM Quantum System Two was unveiled at the company’s quantum summit in December. The modular quantum computer – a 22 ft wide, 12 ft high machine that is currently operational at IBM’s New York lab – is powered by three of the company's Heron chips and combines cryogenic infrastructure with modular qubit control electronics.

IBM Quantum Two will be used by the company to realize parallel circuit executions for quantum-centric supercomputing.