Comparing data centers is simpler with the Data Center Performance Index

Earlier this year, US data center industry association Infrastructure Masons launched its own colocation rating system, the Data Center Performance Index.

During the Infrastructure Masons segment of DCD Webscale event in San Francisco, Vertiv’s Greg Stover rated the ratings system.

Greg Stover

Apples to apples

“Infrastructure Masons is a very interesting ecosystem and organization that they’re trying to put together,” Stover, Vertiv’s software and solutions manager, said.

“It’s led by people that are very committed to improving the space, driving efficiency, setting standards that maybe allow you, when you’re out shopping for a new colo data center, to understand how to compare apples to apples.

“I think they’ve got a strong argument, the Data Center Performance Index is a great idea, looking at what is water utilization, what is power utilization, what is the sustainability and quality of performance over time - those aren’t things that we’ve typically looked at.”

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