Interxion has completed the expansion of its AMS17 data center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Digital Realty subsidiary has completed the third and final phase of its AMS17 facility – also known as the Amsterdam Data Tower – and has made four additional floors available to customers.

Amsterdam tower interxion.jpg
– InterXion

The expansion adds a total of 2,048 additional available square meters (22,000 sq ft) with 2.4MW of additional power to the facility.

The tower, which sits within the Amsterdam Science Park, was officially opened in 2016 by Digital Realty. The data center now has a total area of ​​5,500 sqm (59,200 sq ft) and 7MW of capacity available to customers.

“The digital economy is rapidly reshaping all sectors, both public and private. As a result, companies increasingly need a data-centric approach,” said Michel van den Assem, managing director at Interxion. “Our presence and expansion at Amsterdam Science Park meets this need from both local and global customers. By bringing their critical infrastructure to us, customers will benefit from access to a thriving data community with dense network connectivity and interconnectivity with strategic European locations.”

2021 has seen Interxion lease more space in Düsseldorf, Germany; break ground in Marseilles and open a new facility in Paris, France; and begin construction of a facility in Brussels, Belgium.

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