IO has signed up the help of a physical migration expert to entice customers into its IO.London facility in Slough. Relocation firm Technimove should be able to minimise the cost of moving hardware into the site, IO says.

For a trial period, in the UK, IO customers will get help from data center relocation firm Technimove to manage the physical aspects of moving into new data center space, cutting costs which can be unforseen and out of control, and which can be a barrier to customers moving to a better deal. 

technimove vans
– Technimove

Spotting the costs

Physical relocation of IT infrastructure can amount to anything from 10 percent to 85 percent of the total cost of a data center move, says IO, and all too often the scale of the cost is not known in advance. Indentifying the costs upfront should help companies feel “comfortable” in relocating, the company hopes.

Customers are “locked into expensive providers by prohibitively expensive moving costs,” says Rob Cooper, colocation sales director at IO.London. ”It’s often the case that companies choose not to move their equipment because they’re wary of the hidden costs and risks involved.”  

Technnimove has 18 years of experience, and has completed thousands of successful projects, says Tom Forbes, director: “It’s crucial that successful IT migration projects are conducted seamlessly, but by identifying and minimising this cost for new customers we’re confident that lots of companies will reconsider whether their existing provider is right for them.”

In 2015, IO opened its site in Slough, with more than 10,000 square metres, resilient power, and the option to use efficient modular data center infrastructure within the building. The company has six facilities in Europe, US and Asia. Last month IO secured an additional $500 million in financing from Deutsche Bank and Macquarie Capital which it is using to expand its global footprint.