Internet connectivity in Iran has been impacted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a government official said.

The public relations manager of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Mehdi Salem, said that the country relied on a 400-gigabyte Rostelecom cable that ran from Russia, through Ukraine.

Tehran, Iran
– Thinkstock/AG-ChapelHill

"According to the Network Operations Center, the 400 gig capacity, which is supplied through Rostelecom through Ukraine, has been cut off from 6pm today, March 5th," Salem said on Twitter (which Iran's citizens are blocked from reading).

Russian troops appear to be targeting critical infrastructure as part of their invasion, although unintentional impacts are also possible as the country shells cities.

Iran separately suffered a major outage last week due to a fire at a data center operated by Telecom Infrastructure Company, the monopoly provider of telecom infrastructure to all public and private operators in Iran.

The building is part of TIC infrastructure used to help censor Iran's Internet.

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