Iron Mountain has signed a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the Netherlands with local energy company Sunrock.

Sunrock this week announced that from May 2023, Iron Mountain’s Dutch campus outside Amsterdam will be supplied with renewable energy from Sunrock’s solar assets in Rotterdam.

Sunrock rotterdam solar.png
– Sunrock

Located in Haarlem to the west of Amsterdam, Iron Mountain’s 9.3-hectare campus features seven data halls across 17,000 sqm (183,000 sq ft) and 22.7MW of capacity. The site is scalable to 40,000 sqm (430,550 sq ft) and 60MW. Iron Mountain bought the site when it acquired EvoSwitch in 2018.

A 4MW solar system has been deployed at the harbor of Rotterdam atop several warehouses, and Iron Mountain will procure its output. More than 150,000 panels have been deployed at the port, with up to one million planned.

“By partnering up with Sunrock, you get the possibility of meeting your sustainability goals without the need for physical space, resources, or know-how to develop a PV asset,” said Martijn van Wijngaarden, Sunrock manager of energy products and transactions.

Chris Pennington, director of energy and sustainability at Iron Mountain Data Centers, added: “Finding ways to decarbonize electricity consumption is really the cornerstone of how we build a sustainable future. Rooftop projects like this one developed by Sunrock in Rotterdam are a great example of how we’ll transition to carbon-free energy solutions.”

Founded in 2012 and part of Cofra Holding, Sunrock says it is the largest developer of rooftop solar deployments in the Netherlands. Having already deployed one million sq ft of solar panels, it is developing a portfolio of 2GWp energy capacity.

Sunrock said the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) will ensure direct access to a local source of energy and offers long-term price stability.

Iron Mountain aims to match its hourly energy use with renewable power by 2040.

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