Dutch telco KPN has confirmed it will retire its 2G mobile service by the end of 2025.

The company said it would switch off the service due to the low demand from its customers for the service.

Feature: What the 2G and 3G shutoff means for 5G

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"KPN will permanently stop using 2G on December 1, 2025. We are turning off our 2G network because fewer and fewer people are using 2G and are already using the Internet via 4G and 5G," said KPN in a statement.

The telco said it will reallocate the 2G frequencies for its 4G and 5G network. KPN previously phased out its 3G network in 2022.

Last month, KPN was given regulatory approval to acquire MVNO Youfone for €200 million ($217m).

Operators have also reportedly designed technical solutions to eliminate 2G and 3G-only devices.

In September, Vietnam's government outlined its plan to switch off its 2G network next year.

In the UK, all four mobile operators have agreed to switch off 2G services by 2033, while in France Bouygues Telecom will decommission its 2G network by the end of 2026.

However, it's still some distance behind other nations, with Japanese network operators notably calling time on their 2G service back in 2011.