An Internet outage that impacted Aussie Broadband last week has been blamed on a DHCP server issue, the company has said.

The outage occurred on February 9 at around 4:30 pm AEDT, and affected users in Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania.

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It's not known exactly how long the outage lasted, but it's understood that it was fixed fairly quickly.

Even so, it's prompted the company to come out and explain in a bit more detail what happened last week, doing so via a lengthy Twitter thread.

"What happened? A standard change was initiated and sent to the DHCP servers updating the list of BNGs that could be serviced by a pair of DHCP servers. Another change was pre-queued and not picked up on," said the company.

"Both changes went through testing and the pre-queued change was syntactically correct, passing our tests. However, within the pre-queued change, there was a parameter which contained a logic error that was incompatible with our current configuration. Both changes were pushed live, and the error ultimately caused our DHCP servers to stop offering IP addresses/renewing existing leases. Our team quickly picked up on the mistake and rolled back the configuration, which meant our Queensland customers did reconnect fairly quickly."

Aussie Broadband added that it will be significantly increasing its number of DHCP servers across the country, with most of these new servers being built being rolled into production over the next week.

On top of this, the broadband provider said it will be moving its fiber and NBN EE (Enterprise Ethernet) services onto dedicated enterprise PE (provider Edge) routers in each state.

Founded in 2008, Victoria-based Aussie Broadband's motto is "no bull". The company suffered a similar outage in October.

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Disney+ Hotstar outage stumps fans watching the India-Australia match

From "no bull" to no ball, as streaming service Disney+ Hotstar experienced an outage of its own during the India vs Australia cricket test match today (February 17).

Users complained of seeing "Something went wrong" upon opening the app, as the screen stayed black, with many cricket fans left unamused.

According to Downdetector, the outage was a small one, as reported complaints peaked at 521 around 12:40 pm local time. It steadily declined in the following hours.

The streaming company took to Twitter to acknowledge the situation.

"We have identified the issue impacting access to Disney+ Hotstar and expect to be running at normal operations soon. We are sorry for the experience and appreciate everyone’s patience."

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