LATAM Airlines has closed its four data centers and moved to the cloud.

LATAM airlines
– LATAM Airlines

This week the airline company announced that it had completed its two-year migration process to Google Cloud, and decommissioned the four data centers: two in Brazil and two in Chile. Previous reports suggest the two Chilean facilities were located in Santiago.

“This process was key for Latam's modernization and digital transformation objectives. The fact that we are operating 100 percent in a cloud environment allows us to offer a better response to the company's current challenges, in addition to making us more competitive and efficient for our customers," said Latam CIO Juliana Rios.

LATAM Airlines will be running entirely on Google Cloud Platform, with the companies working together since 2017. The total investment needed to carry out the migration totaled $15 million, but according to LATAM Airlines, will save the company $7 million per year.

"With this step, Latam migrated towards a non-physical platform that provides scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency," said Eduardo López, president of Google Cloud Latin America.

"Today, Latam has these three things and when it defines its projects, its information, it manages these three elements. It is an emblematic project in the region and for Google Cloud worldwide," he added.

Part of the motivation behind the move is environmental, with the airline saying that by moving to the cloud they have reduced their carbon footprint by 13,000 tons of Co2. In addition to carbon savings made through the migration, LATAM Airlines is working with Recycler and Recycla in recycling 80 tons of equipment from its data centers.

Earlier this year, Southwest Airlines in the US announced that it was moving its applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and in July last year, Delta Air Lines began moving away from its on-premise and colocation IT to AWS.